Monday, April 28, 2014

Someone Lived in a Pretty How Town

There once was Never, dancing and twirling,
Moonbeam seeing and starlit gazing;
Ever there was, dark and blind,
Waiting where the bells not toll,
housed with hope only never could hide.

Eyes wide staring, open and closed, gazed into Ever,
Only Never more pitiful.

Some may guess and all will try, only all but never will see,
That what love shown forEver may abide.

She hid,
She laughed,
Clapped her clap and danced her dance;
ForEver there was, Never need not lie, if only could a he spy.

Shyly secret love left lost;
Tis the dark kept cost Never left and Ever sought.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Gloom-Sage

My new book The Gloom-Sage is now available in Amazon stores.  There will be free promo on the 16th of Nov.  Check it out if you like free stuff. 

The book is an adult fantasy adventure novel.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Golden Wings

For love is but a whisper,
Or a silent glimmer,
Hidden deep in the darkness where nothing will shimmer;
It is eerie in its beauty,
Growing old but never weary,
In a place where fear does thrive,
But neither evil may survive.

From glances held in moonlit trances,
Pierces the light that doffs the veil,
And reveals a long and winding trail;
We all must walk so we can escape the valley of the lonely,
Where the souls and the minds talk,
But hearts stand as the one and the only.

Fallen leaves and blown snowflakes circle overhead,
While the stars sparkle on the lakes mirrored glass,
The sight of the last,
Those that rose but couldn't fly and fell into forgotten memories without a cry.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

10 Awesome Children and Young Adult Stories.

Just a list of my top ten favorite young adult and children's stories.

10.  Charlie Bone.  Another story about magicians but there are no wands in this series, only deception and powerful forces struggling for the will of one young boy.

9.  Soldier X.  A world war story told by a German professor living in America who was forced to fight in the second world war against the Russians. 

8.  Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  This modern take on the ancient Greek gods is full of excitement and adventure.  Definitely a fun read for any young readers.

7.  Ender's Shadow.  Wow, definitely a word that sums this book up.  A parallel to Ender's Game but quite a lot better, this story will make you think with every turn of the page.  Its a thick and gritty book that leaves no stone unturned.

6.  The Bartimaues Trilogy.  This series could be a thick read in some places for me when I was younger but nevertheless it is wonderfully well written and a great story with a unique perspective on magicians.  If you are a Harry Potter fan I can't guarantee you will like this series but it's definitely worth checking out. 

5.  Gregor the Overlander.  One of my personal favorites in this list, and only coming in number five because of the way it ended.  I actually liked this series so much and thought it had so much potential that I wrote another book that takes place after the last one in the series just to satisfy myself.  What can I say. . . I'm a writer. . .

4.  The Hardy Boys.  An older series of stories yes, but definitely worth a spot on the list.  Each new mystery the Hardy boys solve leaves you just as surprised as the first. 

3.  Peter and the Starcatchers.  This very clever retake on PeterPan will send thrills and shivers down your spine as you read each new beginning of someone's story that pops from every paragraph.  

2.  Artemis Fowl.  A great series with lots of interesting twists and characters full of vibrant personalities.  Even today, years later I can still read the books again and again and still be kept on the edge of my chair.

1.  Harry Potter.  I know it's an obvious choice but let's be honest, if you are open and unbiased this is simply the most well written series out there for kids and young adults. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Sword of Shannara

I just got done re-reading the Shannara series for the fourth time and I can't wait for Terry Brooks to finish the latest book in the series, it should be spectacular!
I highly recommend these books to anyone who likes fantasy.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer rain

Clouds burst and the rain falls;
Down, down it tumbles towards thorns and the rivers,
We feel it, we hear it, it raps and taps against our homes, it cascades down our cheeks;
Summer rain, cool cloth to wash away the heat from the hottest days, and the flowers they hang, they droop, weighted with droplets, drinking and soaking the crystal clear summer rain.

The next day dawns, the sun rising to claim those little droplets of dew,
In mornings light, they hang, fog just above the ground;
Streaming sun sends shimmers through from within, lighting the grass in fields of diamond,
then shall we be rich with beauty before, they rise to the clouds once more and we wait for another summer rain.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dearest Darkness

When the sun does rise my dearest darkness does fall, her soft shadow and velvet lines fading to light.  I stare from the window and watch her go, somehow I wish for her return, for the lights gaze to fade back into her black haze.
  The wind whistles across the dry, burnt grass towards my window above, it carries the scent of life beyond.  When it comes and when it blows I stare blindly towards its whispers, waiting for my dearest darkness to come again that she might sooth my ears and soften my touch; in her fold I find our peace of the consoled requiem; no longer shall I wait, yet day by day I must wait, for her return is marked only by the setting of the sun.   

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Recent developments

I just finished my new book 'The Gloom-Sage' last week, hopefully in a few weeks I can start querying editors and publish it on amazon, I will post a link for anyone who wants to check it out.  I will also publish another blog just for this book and all other books in the series.  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Swallows Lore

I lie here so hollow,
Beneath this weeping willow.

The sounds of my beating heart fill my ears, the moonlight dancing in my eyes,

I can hear the wolves darling cries;
Each beat of my heart, dearest cadence to our love,
Each ray of moonlight thee reminder of fairest dove.

Why oh why cant I be there?

I dream deepest of thee being here.

Still I lie here so hollow
Listening to the song of thy loveliest swallow.

The remains of your soft touch linger on blushed cheek;

As the taste of your sweet kiss yearns to be felt upon longing lips, tis what I seek;
Each star gives me its delicate light,
If only remembrance of your delight.

A pebble or two, maybe more lay still in the path of the winding stream,

Thee ripples and murmurs make the melody of the night,
As crickets sing to dawns darkest plight.

Your love and mine stays entwined evermore,

As does the twisting rose vine of legends lore;
To give faint hearts comfort in the knowledge neither shall depart.

Forever together your heart and mine,

First beauty ever so divine

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winter Wolves

Here is a silly little poem that I wrote and thought I would share with everyone,
Hope you get a kick out of it.

I remember on this cold December,
The flowers hidden deep below the icy snow,
Against the wind our backs bent low;
In the winters forest the wolves eyes are a glimmer
Reflecting off the snows diamond shimmer;
As the stark trees glower down
All the people are tucked away from the dark in their pretty little town;
Beside the fires warm glow we sit on this cold Decembers night,
Some of us with smiles of delight,
Others filled with the feeling of the winters plight.

Never to Depart

Black and burned lay Alice on the ground among the stones,
Not a single over-turned, only one can make a sound, it is the oriel and her sweet moan.
Standing in the rain,
I watched as my love was slain;
Watch over her spirit I will,
To protect her from the ravens and the vultures as they dive in, sensing the lovely kill.
Alice her eyes closed in sleep,
Her spirit trapped in the miry deep;
My tears have fallen, my heart has broken,
Never shall I depart, our love the only token.
The guilt weighs heavy on my shoulders,
It is nothing to the blood you've spilt, lieing there as the the night grows colder.
What has happened to my heart?
The demons have come and torn us apart;
I sink to my knees feeling betrayed
And look to the heavens, praying for the angels to come to my aid.
The demons they came and brushed me aside,
Held at bay while my lovely Alice died that terrible

The Night's Veil

The night fell, its veil of darkness letting no light from the stars nor the moon to pierce its inky mysteries.
Shadows but one with the darkness unable to break free from their prison and take shape with no light to guide their growth.  The warm welcoming glow from the cabins hearth consumed in its entirety by the endlessness of black crashing against the earth's surface till the sunrise of the morning forces it away and hold its at bay for one more day so that we may prepare for the next onslaught waged against our eyes and their freedom to look upon the subject of their choosing. 

Forest Meadows

I walk among the forest's tall and elegant trees listening to the sound of the birds as they call out the dangers of my presence though I mean them no harm, in response a young doe with slender legs darts away amongst the trees as graceful as the flowers are beautiful.
The rabbits hide beneath the underbrush, convinced of their invisibility as they watch me with large innocent eyes, their noses twitching as they catch my unfamiliar scent.
Birds here and there flit from branch to branch while they chit and shat in their foreign tongue.  I smile as the bees move from flower to flower, their flight erratic and their buzz a lulling melody, fill my ears it does with the sound of wonder, the wonder reflected only in my eyes when I watch and revel in the colonization of the forest meadows, far more adventurous in their pursuit of growth then the likes of man.
While I wander I snatch the beautifully colored leaves from the air as they fall from the tree's stretching towards the suns ever shinning rays; on occasion I crumple the leaves in my hand and smile as the golden dust sprinkles down onto each tiny blade of grass below, my imagination frolicking through all the legends of child story lore, picturing it as pixie dust or perhaps something even more magical.
A brightly colored butterfly lands upon my wrist and although it is liter then a feather I am brought back from my day dreams to this wondrous forest so filled with innocent beauty.  

Atop the Waves

Silhouette of the ocean the ship cresting the waves,
Her planks creaking with strain , the captain's knuckles locked in grip as he fought to keep the noble ship off the deadly banks.
Crew members holding on for dear life, the mast stark against the sky, an outline in the sea of the jagged rocks they were bound for, hidden in the dark and lit only by the moonbeams shinning rays, the sky overhead streaked with stormy greys.
The crack of thunder matched only by the sails slap,
As each man prayed for the water to go slack.
To the heavens, to the depths,
She the brave ship fought the blowing wind and pounding waves, their spray drenching the men day by day.
Resound against her hull again and again they did, rocking her this way and that, the rain falling heavy to to add to the waves white-capped fury and crews pain.
She the mighty sea, tossing men to their deaths, their bodies swallowed up by the monster of the sea,
With a sadistic seeming glee.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Darkness Within

This is a draft of the first part of my new novel 'The Darkness Within'.
I hope you enjoy it.

A shadow as dark as the surrounding night slipped wraith-like through the inky blackness, as seemingly smooth as the moonlight from which it was made.  With deadly silence this shadow stalked it's blissfully unaware prey, taking no haste nor joy in what it was about to do.  The forest was eerily silent, the creatures of the night sensing danger.
  The shadow slunk closer to the forest floor, preparing to strike a fatal blow which was nothing more then second nature after all these years; at the last second however the prey turned, casting wary eyes about suspiciously, they were a man's eyes, held prisoner by chains of fear and uncertainty.  The shadow had not made a noise, it was almost as though some sixth sense had warned the man that there was something dangerous lurking in the dark just as the animals had sensed it.  Unfortunately for the man his eyes could not penetrate the depth of the darkness in which the shadow crouched.  After several moments of fruitless searching the man attempted unsuccessfully to shake the feeling of being watched from the back of his neck.  
  The man started walking away at a brisk pace, determined to get out of the darkness that played so cruel of tricks upon his imagination, yet all the while scolding himself for being afraid of the dark.  Calmly the ghostly shadow followed, waiting for another chance to strike; it did not have to wait long, although it would have been prepared to wait for hours, after all the hunt was what it truly loved.  
   The doomed man didn't see a stone laying directly in his path, tripping over it he fell hard, landing with a loud thump and a groan that escaped with the air in his lungs.  Gasping to catch his breath the man lay still for a moment, waiting for the dizziness to dissipate.  Once it had done so he slowly got to his feet, still bent double.  It took him several more seconds to straighten up but little did he know these precious seconds were to be his last.  
  The creature standing before him was clad in the shadows themselves and gave off an aurora of terror that permeated through to his bones like a sickness he could not shake;  it was the eyes that terrified him the most though, they were just as dark as the rest of the creature with a glint that held him in place when all he wanted to do was run.  This creature was something evil, something ancient, something that he could never understand.  The desperate man could only stand stricken as the shadow moved ever so swiftly, breaking his neck with a fluid precise movement and a soft crack that pierced the night.  He crumpled, falling forwards into the folds of shadow that surrounded the wraith.  Catching the man in it's arms the wraith laid him gently upon the ground and closed his eyes with a spooky lack of compassion;  then the creature was gone, slipping away into the silence without a trace.


The scene Nathaniel saw as he walked into the room was not an unusual one for him.  The room was long and thin like the table which stood in the center, surrounded by men sitting in high-back chairs.  These men wore expensive looking suits that were a dull grey color and quite plain.  They were muttering to each-other in quiet whispers and didn't bother to stop when Nathaniel arrived, not that he really cared.  Nathaniel walked to the foot of the table and waited silently to be addressed.  It was several moments before anyone spoke above a whisper, the man who did was seated at the head of the table.  He was clearly the boss, not just by where he sat but by the confident authoritative manner in which he spoke and the way all muttering stopped the second he stood up; this was a man to be taken seriously.
    "Recently there have been several killings of this organizations members and other organizations of the same nature, these killings have been erratic, some bloody and violent, some as silent as a whisper." The boss paused for a moment and looked around the table.  "Now we don't yet know who is killing our members or why, but this man here," he pointed at Nathaniel "is going to find out and take care of this little problem before it causes anymore issues."  The boss took his seat and one of the other men stood up "We have all invested quite a lot of money in this venture, how do we know you can deliver, assassin?"  
  Nathaniel remained silent for a moment, as if pondering the question then answered, "you can not know for sure whether I can deliver but I assure you I am worth your money."  The man stayed standing, "I am not reassured."  The boss spoke again, lounging in his chair like a content cat. "Perhaps a demonstration is in order," he gave a low whistle and two burly men entered.  The boss pointed at Nathaniel and the two large men advanced.
  Nathaniel did not bother turning to look and see who was coming, the sound of their heavy footfalls told him all he needed to know.  Both men reached him at the same time and when they reached out with huge meaty hands to grab him Nathaniel twisted about, his tall form as elusive as smoke.  Before the two men had time to register what was happening Nathaniel had gently placed a gloved finger on each of their necks and withdrew it, the touch was so light and so quick they never even felt it.  Both men reached for him again but something was wrong, their muscles weren't moving the way they should, their legs felt as though they were made from jelly.  The men tried to speak but no sound came out, together they collapsed to the floor, their bodies twisting in agony, then they were still as stone.
  Nathaniel's gloves had been coated in a poison that attacked the nerve system of who ever was unfortunate to come into contact with it, a quick effective way of murder that left no identity of the killer.  Everyone seated around the table broke out into appreciative applause, they loved nothing more then to see someone die in a manner they had not yet thought of.
  When the applause stopped Nathaniel spoke quietly, "are you reassured now?  If not perhaps you could be my partner in the next demonstration."  Nathaniel's eyes were cold as ice as they stared at the man who had doubted him before.  The boss laughed, "I think he will do quite well, don't you think gentlemen?"  The boss looked around the table and the others nodded in agreement. "Now down to business, the last man killed was in the Czech Republic.  Sort this out for us quickly and you will be payed in full," Nathaniel nodded then turned and left.      

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Untitled love

He composed her love as a musician would sing the sweetest lullaby;
Weaving the most delicate strands of silk into a web waiting in the shadows to ensnare her innocent heart.
His fingers, strong and sure twitch a thread here and there to bring her love ever closer;
The masterpiece nearly completed;
The song rising to a crescendo, with the angels voices versing love never lost.
Her spirit frolicking in the clouds has become enraptured by his steady gaze as her slight form is entangled in his tight embrace.
Forever his;
Forever her's; 
Wander together, she and him in a painting of beauty and sorrow;
They revel in each-others imperfections, the way the unintended mistake the painter created has turned to elegance.   

Monday, September 24, 2012

This is an idea my friend Mily Cannon had. . .

"Ok, just for fun, I'm starting a "Chain Story". You remember that game, where someone draws a head, folds the paper and passes it to someone who draws the torso, folds the paper, passes. . .etc? If it has a name, I've forgot it. Anyway, I'm thinking along the lines of that; with words. Obviously, we can't fold the screen, but it will be interesting to see where the story is taken. . .and how far it gets.

Copy the post, add your sentence (just one sentence!) and link all previous writers so we can see where it goes!

Thanks for joining in!
(p.s. no raunchy bits please!)
(p.p.s- I just realized, if you write a sentence, you'll have to comment on the post you continue the story from, or we wont be able to follow it!)"

Water had always fascinated Alex, its eternal journey through history, feeding into life and bearing witness to all that has come and gone; it was beautiful, yet deadly at times.  He loved the water, it had taken so much from him and given everything he needed in return, happiness, love and fulfillment. . .

Lets see where this takes us. :)

Mily Cannon

Monday, September 17, 2012

Devil tornado

This has to be the most wicked thing I have ever seen.

It is known as a 'Fire Swirl' or Devil Tornado'

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A taste of winter

As the gentle wisps of wind carry the coloring leaves of fall to their resting places among the sidewalks in each little town and along the winding forest paths the birds melodies grow fainter and the crickets song disappears.
We huddle up inside our warm houses to escape the cold nights and frosty mornings, the animals burrow down in their cozy havens and the cranes fly south to escape the coming snow.
The hot summer days are gone and the children are back in school, staring wistfully out their classroom windows in longing for their freedom to return.  When the mornings come and the frost has topped the soft grasses we are given a taste of the coming winter months and the fresh wonderland the snow can bring.    

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Demons and Devils

Since I really haven't been posting as much as I should I decided to write this quick poem and share it with everyone.
Hope you enjoy.

Demons and Devils all around;
Darkness and death surround.

Ghosts and ghouls rising from the ground;
Their evil ever so profound.

They scream and moan;
keeping me all alone as I sit beside this winding stream, feeling as though I am wandering through a moonlit dream.

Hand in hand with the darkness, my tear streaked face turned towards the sky, my ears listening to the night's sweet sigh.
The water ripples over the pebbles as the cripples cane clicks across the cobbles.
Still I lie here wondering if this day my life will be taken, my heart never to re awaken.

Oh the situation is dire, my soul burning in the fire;
I scream and I plead to the Demons and the Devils, laying alone beside the stream upon the cold hard stone.
There is nothing to hold them back, my soul they wish to take, if only to slake their murderous thirst which has become nothing but a curse.

My strength is all but gone and I know I don't have long;
Still my hope resounds hanging from the fraying rope, as the midnight bell begins it's eery clanging.
I slip inside my house of horrors to escape the Demons and the Devils.
I stare through the cracked and broken windows at the dangers red glare with scarecrows empty eyes and sick twisted smiles;

The ravens bloodshot grin, so filled with sin;
They come rapping at the door, their talons tapping and their black wings a flapping;

Tapping. . .
Tapping. . .
Tapping. . .

Rapping. . .
Rapping. . .
Rapping. . .

The echoes fill my ears with their sounds, I cry for help, wishing for someone to wipe away the tears, but there has been no one around for years;
Able to bare it no longer I dash for the woods, followed my the demons in their dark hoods; 

Ravens come swooping through the air, adding to my ever growing despair.
They are cawing and clawing, their black hearts beating and their beaks are a bleating.
Hunted by ravens with no end to their cravings, I fall to the leafs on the forest floor, waiting for all the gore.

The stars are giving their light to reveal my tortured scars and

My blood pours from the slashes, my skin and bone turning to ashes.

The hell hounds guide me to my grave beneath the haunting grounds.
No one can save me now and my ears are filled with nothing but the taunting sounds.