Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Atop the Waves

Silhouette of the ocean the ship cresting the waves,
Her planks creaking with strain , the captain's knuckles locked in grip as he fought to keep the noble ship off the deadly banks.
Crew members holding on for dear life, the mast stark against the sky, an outline in the sea of the jagged rocks they were bound for, hidden in the dark and lit only by the moonbeams shinning rays, the sky overhead streaked with stormy greys.
The crack of thunder matched only by the sails slap,
As each man prayed for the water to go slack.
To the heavens, to the depths,
She the brave ship fought the blowing wind and pounding waves, their spray drenching the men day by day.
Resound against her hull again and again they did, rocking her this way and that, the rain falling heavy to to add to the waves white-capped fury and crews pain.
She the mighty sea, tossing men to their deaths, their bodies swallowed up by the monster of the sea,
With a sadistic seeming glee.

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