Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Forest Meadows

I walk among the forest's tall and elegant trees listening to the sound of the birds as they call out the dangers of my presence though I mean them no harm, in response a young doe with slender legs darts away amongst the trees as graceful as the flowers are beautiful.
The rabbits hide beneath the underbrush, convinced of their invisibility as they watch me with large innocent eyes, their noses twitching as they catch my unfamiliar scent.
Birds here and there flit from branch to branch while they chit and shat in their foreign tongue.  I smile as the bees move from flower to flower, their flight erratic and their buzz a lulling melody, fill my ears it does with the sound of wonder, the wonder reflected only in my eyes when I watch and revel in the colonization of the forest meadows, far more adventurous in their pursuit of growth then the likes of man.
While I wander I snatch the beautifully colored leaves from the air as they fall from the tree's stretching towards the suns ever shinning rays; on occasion I crumple the leaves in my hand and smile as the golden dust sprinkles down onto each tiny blade of grass below, my imagination frolicking through all the legends of child story lore, picturing it as pixie dust or perhaps something even more magical.
A brightly colored butterfly lands upon my wrist and although it is liter then a feather I am brought back from my day dreams to this wondrous forest so filled with innocent beauty.  

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