Thursday, September 6, 2012

Demons and Devils

Since I really haven't been posting as much as I should I decided to write this quick poem and share it with everyone.
Hope you enjoy.

Demons and Devils all around;
Darkness and death surround.

Ghosts and ghouls rising from the ground;
Their evil ever so profound.

They scream and moan;
keeping me all alone as I sit beside this winding stream, feeling as though I am wandering through a moonlit dream.

Hand in hand with the darkness, my tear streaked face turned towards the sky, my ears listening to the night's sweet sigh.
The water ripples over the pebbles as the cripples cane clicks across the cobbles.
Still I lie here wondering if this day my life will be taken, my heart never to re awaken.

Oh the situation is dire, my soul burning in the fire;
I scream and I plead to the Demons and the Devils, laying alone beside the stream upon the cold hard stone.
There is nothing to hold them back, my soul they wish to take, if only to slake their murderous thirst which has become nothing but a curse.

My strength is all but gone and I know I don't have long;
Still my hope resounds hanging from the fraying rope, as the midnight bell begins it's eery clanging.
I slip inside my house of horrors to escape the Demons and the Devils.
I stare through the cracked and broken windows at the dangers red glare with scarecrows empty eyes and sick twisted smiles;

The ravens bloodshot grin, so filled with sin;
They come rapping at the door, their talons tapping and their black wings a flapping;

Tapping. . .
Tapping. . .
Tapping. . .

Rapping. . .
Rapping. . .
Rapping. . .

The echoes fill my ears with their sounds, I cry for help, wishing for someone to wipe away the tears, but there has been no one around for years;
Able to bare it no longer I dash for the woods, followed my the demons in their dark hoods; 

Ravens come swooping through the air, adding to my ever growing despair.
They are cawing and clawing, their black hearts beating and their beaks are a bleating.
Hunted by ravens with no end to their cravings, I fall to the leafs on the forest floor, waiting for all the gore.

The stars are giving their light to reveal my tortured scars and

My blood pours from the slashes, my skin and bone turning to ashes.

The hell hounds guide me to my grave beneath the haunting grounds.
No one can save me now and my ears are filled with nothing but the taunting sounds.

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