Monday, September 24, 2012

This is an idea my friend Mily Cannon had. . .

"Ok, just for fun, I'm starting a "Chain Story". You remember that game, where someone draws a head, folds the paper and passes it to someone who draws the torso, folds the paper, passes. . .etc? If it has a name, I've forgot it. Anyway, I'm thinking along the lines of that; with words. Obviously, we can't fold the screen, but it will be interesting to see where the story is taken. . .and how far it gets.

Copy the post, add your sentence (just one sentence!) and link all previous writers so we can see where it goes!

Thanks for joining in!
(p.s. no raunchy bits please!)
(p.p.s- I just realized, if you write a sentence, you'll have to comment on the post you continue the story from, or we wont be able to follow it!)"

Water had always fascinated Alex, its eternal journey through history, feeding into life and bearing witness to all that has come and gone; it was beautiful, yet deadly at times.  He loved the water, it had taken so much from him and given everything he needed in return, happiness, love and fulfillment. . .

Lets see where this takes us. :)

Mily Cannon

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Mily Cannon said...

Thank you! You're the first by the way ;) Beautifully written :) Was wondering whether Alex would turn out to be male or female :D