Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Never to Depart

Black and burned lay Alice on the ground among the stones,
Not a single over-turned, only one can make a sound, it is the oriel and her sweet moan.
Standing in the rain,
I watched as my love was slain;
Watch over her spirit I will,
To protect her from the ravens and the vultures as they dive in, sensing the lovely kill.
Alice her eyes closed in sleep,
Her spirit trapped in the miry deep;
My tears have fallen, my heart has broken,
Never shall I depart, our love the only token.
The guilt weighs heavy on my shoulders,
It is nothing to the blood you've spilt, lieing there as the the night grows colder.
What has happened to my heart?
The demons have come and torn us apart;
I sink to my knees feeling betrayed
And look to the heavens, praying for the angels to come to my aid.
The demons they came and brushed me aside,
Held at bay while my lovely Alice died that terrible

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