Thursday, August 29, 2013

10 Awesome Children and Young Adult Stories.

Just a list of my top ten favorite young adult and children's stories.

10.  Charlie Bone.  Another story about magicians but there are no wands in this series, only deception and powerful forces struggling for the will of one young boy.

9.  Soldier X.  A world war story told by a German professor living in America who was forced to fight in the second world war against the Russians. 

8.  Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  This modern take on the ancient Greek gods is full of excitement and adventure.  Definitely a fun read for any young readers.

7.  Ender's Shadow.  Wow, definitely a word that sums this book up.  A parallel to Ender's Game but quite a lot better, this story will make you think with every turn of the page.  Its a thick and gritty book that leaves no stone unturned.

6.  The Bartimaues Trilogy.  This series could be a thick read in some places for me when I was younger but nevertheless it is wonderfully well written and a great story with a unique perspective on magicians.  If you are a Harry Potter fan I can't guarantee you will like this series but it's definitely worth checking out. 

5.  Gregor the Overlander.  One of my personal favorites in this list, and only coming in number five because of the way it ended.  I actually liked this series so much and thought it had so much potential that I wrote another book that takes place after the last one in the series just to satisfy myself.  What can I say. . . I'm a writer. . .

4.  The Hardy Boys.  An older series of stories yes, but definitely worth a spot on the list.  Each new mystery the Hardy boys solve leaves you just as surprised as the first. 

3.  Peter and the Starcatchers.  This very clever retake on PeterPan will send thrills and shivers down your spine as you read each new beginning of someone's story that pops from every paragraph.  

2.  Artemis Fowl.  A great series with lots of interesting twists and characters full of vibrant personalities.  Even today, years later I can still read the books again and again and still be kept on the edge of my chair.

1.  Harry Potter.  I know it's an obvious choice but let's be honest, if you are open and unbiased this is simply the most well written series out there for kids and young adults. 

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