Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Swallows Lore

I lie here so hollow,
Beneath this weeping willow.

The sounds of my beating heart fill my ears, the moonlight dancing in my eyes,

I can hear the wolves darling cries;
Each beat of my heart, dearest cadence to our love,
Each ray of moonlight thee reminder of fairest dove.

Why oh why cant I be there?

I dream deepest of thee being here.

Still I lie here so hollow
Listening to the song of thy loveliest swallow.

The remains of your soft touch linger on blushed cheek;

As the taste of your sweet kiss yearns to be felt upon longing lips, tis what I seek;
Each star gives me its delicate light,
If only remembrance of your delight.

A pebble or two, maybe more lay still in the path of the winding stream,

Thee ripples and murmurs make the melody of the night,
As crickets sing to dawns darkest plight.

Your love and mine stays entwined evermore,

As does the twisting rose vine of legends lore;
To give faint hearts comfort in the knowledge neither shall depart.

Forever together your heart and mine,

First beauty ever so divine

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