Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Milly and the witches

This is the first page from the second book in the "Treasure Tales" series.
It is still a work in progress but will hopefully be finished soon.
I hope you enjoy reading it.

Princess Milly was riding Flickers in the castle courtyard when she first heard the alarm bells ring.  These bells were only used when the castle was under attack or when something awful had happened.  Milly's father had told her that if she ever heard him she must stop what ever it was she was doing and find him, if she couldn't find him the next thing to do was run to her room in the castle and wait for him there.  Milly had never heard the bells ring before though and at first she was panicked by the sound but then she knew what she had to do.  She galloped Flickers over to the stable and quickly put him in one of the stalls then ran into the castle, but not before making sure his gate was locked.  The little white pony always had a knack for escaping and if you forgot to lock his gate he would sneak off before you could blink your eyes.
  Once inside Milly started searching for her father, unfortunately it was a very large castle and there seemed to be people running everywhere, I'm never going to find him she thought grumpily.  Luckily though a maid stopped and told her that her father was waiting in the high tower.  Right away Milly set off at a run through the castle to the tower.  By the time she reached it she was panting and out of breath from running all that way but she still had a long flight of winding stairs to climb.  When she reached the top of the high tower where her father was waiting her legs were about ready to collapse from exhaustion and she was now gasping for air.  "He better have a really good reason to have forced me to run all the way up here" Milly muttered under breath as she walked through the door at the top of the stairs.  As it turned out her father did have a very good reason for it.  The king took her into his arms and held her close in the way he would do before sending her off to bed, she looked up at him still wondering what was going on.  "I'm so sorry baby" his voice was shaking slightly which was a note Milly had never before heard there before.  He paused for a second then said "well I suppose I cant keep you in the dark anymore after all you are growing into a young lady." There was another pause this one larger then the first, Milly was growing more nervous with each second then it seemed as though her whole world came crashing down. 

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