Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Broken hearts and shattered snowflakes

A heart is like a snowflake, beautiful and unique.
It spends it's life flitting through the sky, pushed and pulled against its will by the slightest of breezes,
broken by the softest of touches.
This sweet snowflake shatters into millions of tiny pieces that no one will ever be able to put back together for all the tiny pieces have scattered into the wind, hiding in plain sight but lost forever.
The innocence of the falling snowflake as wondrous as the heart of a newborn child.
There is no evil nor cruel intentions, only love, only kindness.
Purest of hearts touched by most delicate of snowflakes shall always be tainted, just as the snowflakes shatter.
We weep and we mourn, wishing only to let them frolic in fields of roses where their innocence will stretch to eternity.
Alas this shall never be for none can confine the young of heart nor the wandering snowflake which dances it's merry way across the land, as a beautiful butterfly wings it's way towards the light, not knowing that the fire can consume it.

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