Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shinning light

This is just a silly poem I whipped up and thought I would share with everyone.
I hope you enjoy it, or at the very least get a kick out of it.

A beauty divine and rare, thine eyes tender with loving care;
she is standing in the center of a once dark town.
Her beauty giving light even on the darkest night.
Wonder of wonders;
the diamond of a plunder, laying in the shrine of angels.
The rain is falling, her beauty still shinning like the silver lining.
Rainbows of magnificent colors overhead,
and we know we cant leave anything left unsaid.
Surrounded by roses you and I together as though we could fly, our hearts not able to tell a single lie.

1 comment:

Mily Cannon said...

Beautiful imagery!
You should join Wattpad, if you haven't already. It's very handy for networking and socialising with other writers and poets and to promote your work.
Also, there's a poetry competition!

(p.s. I'm not plugging the site, I just really like it!)