Friday, August 24, 2012

The first page from my still untitled book

This is the first page from the still untitled novel I am working on.  This book is nowhere near being finished yet but I thought I would post the first page anyways as an excuse to take a break from working on some of my other stories.
I hope you enjoy it.

Daesle was laying in bed trying to rub the sleep from her tired eyes, the night had been a long one full of nightmares she didn't and probably never would understand.  She sat up and looked around  trying to get her bearings on reality.  Her room was a relatively small one and very sparse.  There was a black wooden dresser in one corner and in the other there was a little three legged table with a set of tall unlit candles sitting upon it.  After she was sure she was no longer dreaming Daesle rubbed the rest of the sleep from her eyes and stood up tossing the bed coverings aside.
    She walked into her washroom which was about as bare as her bedroom. In this room there was a large mirror hanging on one wall and a small metal sink set in a wooden counter as well as a stone basin for relieving one's self.
    Daesle stood in front of the mirror looking at her reflection.  She saw a tall skinny girl with long blond hair that was very messy from sleep and red at the tips, the eyes looking back at her were a soft, light blue color, set underneath thin wispy eyelashes, these were by far her favorite features about her self but in her mind they did little to make up for the rest of her body.  The most noticeable features were her small nose high cheek bones and thin lips which surrounded an even smaller mouth concealing jagged white teeth.  She sighed with displeasure at the unsatisfactory image and bent down over the sink, washing the remains of sleep from her face under the cold water, it was very refreshing.
     Daesle splashed more of the cool water on her face till she felt completely awake then straightened up and headed back into the other room.  Once there she picked out a few sets of clothes.  The clothes were made from animal hide and were black and tan in color, they fit snugly and were quite comfortable to wear if not the height of fashion.  She wished there was time to run a comb through her unruly hair but she would already be late as it was, besides she was in a hurry to get on with her daily routine.  Spending hours in the morning to look pretty was something she usually left to the other girls of the village.
     Daesle finished dressing quickly and went downstairs, she said a quick goodbye to her mother and walked out into the bright morning sunshine.  Most of the small village was already up and bustling about their own daily routines.  She waved to a few of her friends in the market then quickly set off through the throng of people, pushing her way through where it was crowded and running where it was not.  She was fit and the run to the edge of the forest although a long one did not leave her short of breath.
      It was here on the edge of the forest where she met up with her friend Onam.
Onam was rather short and stocky, he only came up to her shoulder when standing straight but in his defense Daesle was unusually tall for her age.  He had short brown hair and his cheekbones were high like hers though his lips were more full.  At the moment Onam was dancing around with ill concealed impatience, “where have you been” he cried.  “I have been waiting here for over  fifteen minutes.” ”I know I’m sorry I’m late, I over slept” Daesle  said with an apologetic look.
“Jeesh that figures, At least I'm used to it by now." This was true, Daesle was almost never on time. Which was a fact Onam was constantly reminding her of.  "Well anyway lets get going, it’s my turn to track today and I cant wait to show you up again” he said with a good natured smile.
“There is no way that you are a better tracker then me, yesterday was a mere fluke" Daesle said, a rougish grin splitting her face.
      Onam had won their last little competition the day before.  It was a competition to see who was the better tracker and one they played every day.  She was dying to get him back for winning the last one, usually she won them all.  They started walking into the nearby forest at their usual fast pace.  Onam had to jog at intervals to keep up since his legs were so much shorter but he was used to it and never seemed to mind.
     When they were deep inside the forest both of them stopped and turned to look at each other, 
“are you ready” Daesle asked in a mocking tone of voice. “Yes, yes I’m ready are you?”  “Of course I am” she said, the same grin as before passing over her face.  “I will go first then, since I won last time.”  Onam knew she hated being the loser so rubbing it in was something to be enjoyed.
   Daesle scowled and waited for him to begin.

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