Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dances with Roses

She danced and danced until her feet were raw with blisters and swimming in blood,
Crimson red blood brought forth from the happiness and the pain.

She danced and danced beneath the moonlight as the twisted shadows watched from the corners of her vision.
Her eyes blurry with weariness and tears,
Each one shinning,
Capturing the reflection of the moon in their tiny diamond spirals.
Each tear falling from the tortured eyes filled with sadness and suffering as is the ghosts of the grin etched upon her beautiful face.

Where one fell a black rose dripping the loveliest red ink from each tiny pedal sprung up to mark its passing.
Just as the tears had been beautiful yet sad so were the roses, drawing the eyes of those hungry shadows like ravens to rings so that she might be freed from their burning desires.

She danced and she danced her feet brushing over the fallen pedals in the field of darkest roses.
Her warm blood ripped and torn from tender skin by their tangled thorns, stained black pedals and green stems with flecks of deepest red till each drop slipped beneath the tainted soil.

In passing of the drops a red rose more beautiful then the rising moon grew to catch her delicate tears in it's soft pedals.
The dark roses yielding to the red gave way to fields of color for the swift feet of the young lady to dance upon.
She danced and she danced till the first rays of the sun slipped past the crest of the snow-capped mountains,
Washing away her fears and her sorrow till only the eloquent smile remained.

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