Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Soul Well

This is a page from my recently published book "The Soul Well."
I hope you enjoy

 Thy Devil’s hand burn thou dearest his heart and did thy lady depart, for by tainted evil must come tainted love, stained red by sweet dove’s life blood.
Should thy lady cast aside transpired evil deeds, growing in thee most evil of weed, thy Devil’s chains shall brake if only when thy poisoned souls been freed from raven’s stake and the craters thirst slaked.

    The Devil watched his creations fall through the starry sky to the city below with tortured blue eyes and a despairing expression etched across his regularly impassive countenance.  On any other occasion he would have been overcome with glee at the sight of such impending death and devastation, but she was in that city.  Sleeping peacefully, sweet and innocent as someone of her race could be.  She the one who had helped him feel again and shown him a path to happiness formerly unknown.  Never had he intended for her to become caught up in his evils but now she was about to be felled by the very devices he had taught her race to create.
    Able to bare it no longer the Devil gave a howl of rage and despair, splitting the calm night like a clap of thunder.  He paced back and forth desperate for a way to save her but it was far to late for that and he was forced to watch in agony as the city stretched out in front of him erupted in a massive inferno of fire and rubble.  The Devil stopped pacing and just stared at the destruction he had caused his emotions running rampant.  It was a sign of how contorted and evil his heart was that it only ached for her and not for the families torn apart nor the many innocent lives lost.  Still his suffering was more than a thousand souls could bear and there is no greater punishment then to be the cause of death for one you love.
    The blast had been enormous and where he stood many miles from the city the shockwaves could be felt.  Even so in his heart there was still the smallest shred of hope that maybe she had survived the destruction and chaos, that maybe she was out there lying in the rubble somewhere, desperately waiting for him to come save her.  This was nothing more then a fool begging to be spared the consequences of his dire mistake.  Immediately after this possibility crossed his mind however the Devil jumped down from the dilapidated old building where he had been watching the carnage unfold and set off at a sprint towards the mushroom cloud that was still billowing in the night sky.
    What would have taken any human a long while to accomplish only took the Devil a matter of minutes and quickly he reached the mutilated city.  Right away the Devil began searching for his lost love in the ruins, ignoring everything and everyone else.  There were bodies lying everywhere, not many were whole and none were moving.  The destruction seemed endless as if no building had been spared incineration and no living creature eradication.
    A little over an hour later the Devil found her, though when he did he almost wished she had stayed hidden forever if only to preserve hope that somewhere she might still be alive.  She was lying lifeless at the bottom of a large crater, her burnt broken body was twisted into a grotesque shape where it had landed.  When the Devil looked upon
her his gnarled heart broke and he fell to his knees all hope extinguished leaving more pain then if it had never existed at all.
    Humans were such a delicate race he should have known she would never have survived

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